Video Magic - The Simple Way To Make Sales and Boost Yer Income With YouTube Videos.

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People love videos and videos sell millions of dollars worth of products and services every day!

But it's no good producing videos if no one sees your videos, is it?

"Video Magic" will show you in words and video, the simplest way to rank videos on page #1 and increase sales.

This is my evergreen method for ranking videos and I've used it for years and it still works today.

Armed with this information YOU can easily and consistently get #1 page rankings on Google and YouTube, often in 10 minutes or less, even if you've never made a video in your life!

Once you grasp the simple concept and start ranking your videos, you can brand yourself, build your list, sell your own products, sell affiliate products, and fill your inbox with email subscribers and passive income notifications all year long!

The problem is if you don't know how to rank your videos on top of Google and YouTube, how on earth are you going to get noticed?

▶ Some people publish their videos and hope for the best.

▶ Others do some keyword research but still fail to reach their audience.

▶ The bright sparks, know about optimizing their videos but often miss vital steps or don't do it anyway!

All these attempts are futile and lead to wasted hours, disappointment, and a whole heap of hapless, helpless handwringing.

But it doesn't have to be this way.

You can apply the 7 easy steps you need in minutes, and then see your cherished video shoot to the top of Google and YouTube faster than you can say "speeding bullet."

You will be able to look over my shoulder and see exactly how "Video Magic" works and keep the special "KATUATS" formula handy as your reference guide.

My simple, battle tested formula virtually guarantees page-one rankings. You can apply this to any video in any niche and for any business, local or international.

You may be thinking ...

"That's great Ed, but does it work for everyone?

Yes, of course! Just like it says on the label, you'll get my tried and trusted evergreen video ranking formula - one that works.

But don't take my word for it, see what these people say:

So, stop reading. Scroll to the top, put "0" in the box, click "I want this". Then sign up in the usual way and you'll be on your way to ranking your videos in next to no time, all for FREE.

OH! You're still here. OK, perhaps you have a few more questions. That's fair enough, let me try to answer them with these frequently asked questions.


Q: "Do I need any extra software to make this happen?"

A: No, not at all. The method I teach only uses the free tools available on YouTube itself.

Q: "Does it take long to do the steps and how many are there?"

A: No, it does not take much time at all. The more you do the quicker it becomes and there are only 7 simple steps.

Q: "How long do videos ranked like this take to appear on Google and YouTube?"

A: In mere minutes from when you hit publish button. My record is 4 minutes but that is rare. I usually get to page 1 in under 10 minutes.

Q: "Do videos ranked like this keep their page #1 positions?"

A: Yes, I have many examples of my own and clients who have videos that have ranked for years. Here's one example:

Q: That all sounds good but is there anything you are not telling us, Ed?

A: Yes. Because everything you need to know is inside "Video Magic" and "KATUATS" 😉

But joking aside, I will say this. You cannot expect to rank quickly or permanently for the toughest, and most competitive keywords using this method.

There are techniques to overcome this but they do involve extra steps and some minor expenses which I will cover later.

Having said that, the "Video Magic" and my KATUATS formula works for the vast majority of in-demand keywords and so your videos will work for you - 24/7.

The ability to rank videos, can change your life and give you the lifestyle you want faster than you thought possible.

Go now and download your copy "Video Magic" and "KATUATS"

Scroll up, enter "0" in the box (or name your own price if you want to give me a tip 😉) and click "I Want This" and let's get going.

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"Video Magic" - How To Create and Rank Videos To Promote Your Business

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Video Magic - The Simple Way To Make Sales and Boost Yer Income With YouTube Videos.

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