Twitter 4 Twits - Your Guide to Creating a 6-Figure Income

Ed Kirwan
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Do you want to start an online business and turn it into a 6 figure income in the next 12 months?

Twitter 4 Twits will show you everything I know, learn and am doing while building a 6-figure income on Twitter.

This is an ongoing course and new lessons will be added.

In 2013, I opened my Twitter account. I did nothing with it.

In 2022 I started taking Twitter seriously and this guide contains everything I've learned so far about growing and monetizing Twitter over the past few months.

Thanks to Twitter, I’m making new friends, solid connections, and consistent income just from tweeting stuff. You can do the same.

Inside "Twitter for Twits" :

✅ How The World Sees You

✅ Let’s Get Engaged

✅ 5 X 5 X 30 Tweeting

✅ What Shall I Tweet?

✅ Your Favourite Twits

✅ Different Tweet Types

✅ Growing Pains Eased

✅ Show Me The Money

✅ Easy Tweeting Tricks

✅ Getting Results!

✅ Your Proven Plan

✅ And more ...

Twitter 4 Twits Video Training

The videos cover what you need to do from start to finish with extra tips that are not included in the Twitter 4 Twits Guide as they are tips that I have picked up since writing Twitter 4 Twits.

Inside "Twitter for Twits" : Video Lessons:

▪ Your Twitter Profile - You need attention so grab it with a well-optimized profile - this is your showcase to the world.

▪ Writing Tweets and Engagement - You must vary your content to keep your audience interested and engaged.

▪ Declutter Twitter with Custom Lists - Focus is key to your work so remove all distractions with these free tools.

▪ Scheduling Your Tweets - Content consistency can be hard without scheduling your tweets either manually or automatically.

▪ How To Make A Product And Upload It To Gumroad - Full instructions on how to monetize your account with simple products.

"Twitter for Twits" comes with free updates for life.

So go ahead, hit the "I WANT THIS" button ☝️ and get started.

PLEASE NOTE: This is an introductory FREE OFFER and YES the "Twitter 4 Twits" guide, video training and bonuses are all FREE.

There are no upsells or shady dealings you may have encountered elsewhere.

So why am I doing this and what's in it for me?

The main reason I’m doing this is to prove to myself and you that you can make a new 6 figure income from writing tweets and posting on Twitter.

When you sign up, I get your email address and if you like my emails and what I teach you, you may buy something from me in the future.

Before you dive inside, let me tell you, I am not new to marketing in general and affiliate marketing specifically. I have over 10 years "in the trenches" , I teach course building and have had many 10K days. You can benefit from my experience while avoiding my early mistakes and failures.

I can't be more straightforward than that now can I? 😎

Fair Warning: I will eventually charge for this product so signup for "Twitter 4 Twits" today, and you will get the lowest price I’ll ever offer with free lifetime updates.

So go ahead, hit the "I WANT THIS" button ☝️ and get started today.

Twit - in case you were wondering, it's my affectionate term for anyone who Tweets!)

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Twitter 4 Twits - Your Guide to Creating a 6-Figure Income

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